Friday, October 12, 2007

Tsukimi Burger!?  月見バーガー

If you doubted the depth of the moon-viewing rabbit roots in Japanese culture, here's absolute proof. Leave it to culture-conscious Makudo to cash in on, I mean, celebrate even the most obscure of Japanese traditions! The autumn Mac comes in both regular tsukimi and tsukimi cheese. The advertisment reads:

"Back again this year,
The Moon-Viewing Burger.
A trembling egg
Awakens the autumn appetite!
The full-bodied cheese tsukimi
Is popular, too!"

"Oishisou!" You say, "But what's up with the flying rabbits?

According to tradition, the lunar hare was said to descend to Earth around the time of the three-day moon, and return home when the moon was full.


songbird516 said...

that's pretty incredible! still don't like mcdonalds, though...

Todd said...

Don't forget the rabbit sitting atop the Golden Arches. He's either thinking or talking about fries and a Coke.

For the record, that burger looks absolutely delicious. I'll have mine with cheese, please.

P.S. What's up with the overly complicated word verifications these days? sjbgbdqc

Christopher said...

mmMMMmmm. Think I will have another. One thing I love about Japan is the quick turn around on promotions. They had a sandwich just like this earlier in the year, but it was called something different and had a spicy sauce.

Interestingly enough, if you ask most little kids what animal lives on the moon, they will say rabbits. That metaphor is built into a lot of Japanese children's literature