Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tenryuji's Fall Foilage 天竜時の紅葉

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The leaves at Sagano's Tenryuji (Heavenly Dragon Temple) are early this year, setting the temple gardens on fire in brillant hues of crimson.(Picture taken Nov.1st!)


Joel Alfaro said...


get well soon!

Jean said...

Que j'aime ces couleurs !
La féérie de l'automne !

Patrick Leong said...

we will be going to the shugakuin villa next week. i heard it is pretty there. nice autumn scene.

Melissa said...

Joel: Thanks! Just think...By this time next year, you could be seeing these leaves in person!

Jean! I cant speak French (yet) but I will try...

J`aime l`automne! L`autumne du Kyoto ces tre belle!

I hope you can come to see it some day!

Shugakuin Villa? I cant wait to see your photos. Fall in Kyoto is the best!