Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spring in Kyoto: The Saga Continues!

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A geiko, Kyoto dialect for geisha, sits between two maiko.
Ok. So basically I'm obsessed with Geiko and Maiko. I'll admit it. And admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? Yes, that is Suzuha in the back on the right, the most famous maiko in Gion.

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A geiko performs a summer night's dance on the shore of Lake Biwa, with one of the most beautiful maiko in Gion, Suzuha.

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Geiko perform a dance depicting the ancient capital. This geiko is dressed in the traditional costume of the girls of Shirakawa, from Eastern Kyoto. EAST SIDE! Represent!

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Geisha perform the snow scene in Uji, from the Tale of Genji, the first novel ever written (by Murasaki Shikibu).

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Heian beauty, Ukifune, from the tale of Genji. Torn between Prince Niou and Kaoru, she unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide by throwing herself into the Uji river. In the 10 Chapters in Uji, it is the only snow scene.


Luke Elliot said...

Hey, Melissa, I see you've got a bunch of photos hosted by photobucket up now. I hope it's working out for you okay. It's looking good.

D said...

Fabulous pics.
I'm so jealous... Maybe on your way back from Japan you could come visit me in England.

I leave for the UK on 19 May. =)

Take care,


Jess :) said...

I went on your site and I was looking at some of your pictures! Wow! It looks like you are having a wonderful time! I am very happy for you. I did not even know that you were in Japan still. How long will you be spending time there?

Quick update, I am getting married in 7 weeks. I also just bought a house. I am working for the US government as an interpreter (Espanol!!) And that consumes just about ALL of my time.

Hope all continues to go well!
Besitos, Jess :o)

Melissa said...

Thanks Luke! おかげさまで!Photobucket rocks!

Anne-Marie said...

what kind of camera do you have? those pictures are truly amazing...I can't believe that you got the clarity and colors indoors! thank you for sharing them with us

Melissa said...

Thanks Anne Marie! My camera is nothing special, just a Sony Cybershot. But it gets the job done! Now if I was off climbing mountains and sneaking away on secret surf retreats to Bali, I`d probably invest in something a little more hardcore, but I guess that will have to wait! I have a secret trip in the works too. You`d be proud! We`ll discuss at Axtos!

Vivki C said...

i just got done lookin at all the pics on ur site and i love them! i cant wait until i can see it first hand. u seemed to look really happy with your students. is it like here. do u get your bad asses and smart mouthes over there too or is school more of a privalage over there. did u ever have to discipline kids over there? just curious, it seems that they would be a little more compliant over there...

Anonymous said...

i don't know who that j-blo girl is but damn she is HOT!!! Yo - cool blog - i am so glad that it is back!!! you need to keep giving us the luv sista!! wahoo!!! the geisha dance rocks my world - i want to go like right now - IMA!!! let's get on that chick!! okay - see you later - i'm outtie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, This is your cousin Sara (Dans wife) I was just checking out your web-site...beautiful!...I have your brother here with me, he sends his love

shigatsuhana said...

Is this the Gion dances? If so, the 4th photo down, that geiko's name is Mai-san. She has now retired and is married. She made such a beautiful geiko!

Melissa said...

ShigatsunoHana! (^o^)/ Konnichiwa! Yes, this is Miyako Odori, Gion's spring dance. This was the first geisha dance I was ever able to experience...I was completed captivated.

Have you met Mai-san? That's amazing. Good for her, although she was a beautiful dancer.