Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

A Valentine left on the board for me at Nishi Junior High...

No, Thank you! Posted by Hello


RENE said...

It was me. I wrote that. I was the Valentine that left that message on the board for you. RB

Cynthia said...

Must be a funny feeling walking into the classroom with that blackboard message!

Hope all is well for you.I am still figuring out what to do with myself, now I finished University. Have some major decisions to make.

Anyway, here are the 2 messages I wrote about a week ago when you left me a message.Post it here just in case you didn't find it on my blog. I write too much...

Dear Melissa,

It would be a blessing to me to pray for you. I pray that he would carry you in hard times and hold your hands when you are afraid.He loves you even when you cannot feel his love. Press on.

Psalm 9:10
Those who know your name trust in you,for you,O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.

I can't believe it when I checked out your profile and blog. Me and my best friend have been thinking of doing JET next year together, and at the moment, I am totally lost about what to do,being new graduate and all that,and feeling really stuck about staying at home. And then you read my blog, left a message, and I read your blog.I think just maybe Japan is where I should be next year. I have to pray more about it. I know my calling has something to do with teaching, but wow, wouldn't it just be amazing to teach english in Japan. 2 of my acquaintance are doing it. I also used to be very fascinated about the Japanese culture, and just recently been reminded about my passion for other cultures.

Did I say in my blog that puedo cantar de su amor para siempe is the only spanish I can speak?Maybe I did, but it is really beautiful.Two missionaries came back to New Zealand from Ecaudor attended a tertiary students christian fellowship conference(TSCF)last year I was in last year.They worked in their college/universities. They taught us this song and this one line in spanish.And I kept singing and tears kept dropping because I was so touched of the beauty of how God's love link all people together,despite of our diversity.

Have you ever thought of being a missionary in Spanish speaking countries at all?

When I was at university I was very involved with a Christian movement TSCF,and that movement belongs to a global movement called International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).Basically we want to let university students and academic staffs know about Jesus and his love.

I am just so passionate about spreading Jesus's love and his forgiveness around the world. I figure that is my reason for living. When I read your profile,about 9/11, how I remembered that time, I just became a Christian for a month and a half then but already seen this powerful change in me.It was so sad about the lives lost in 9/11. But I know Jesus is the sole solution for all our problems in the world.

Anyway,enough babbling. Thank you so much for leaving me a message. I love it when God place people in your life under circumstances that remind you of the most important things. I haven't thought about mission for a while and my dream of spreading the gospel around the world, but God used you to helped me to remember. Wow. Thank you.

You know, when I read your message, all I thought was praises to God, because I am also in a tough place right now in terms of faith. However God is able to used me and the words I wrote to encourage you despite how I feel about my relationship with God and myself. I grow to learn not to trust my feelings. I may be divorce from my emotions at times, but God would never abandon us.Praise God and thank you once again.


Anonymous said...

Great site! I wandered over after reading your comment on my blog. I'll try to put up a link to your site, hopefully before you leave Japan...

Andy Gray

Rina said...

Hello!!I'm Rina.
Your dialy is good!
Did you gave chocolate for boy?
I gave it many boys♪
I'll send you e-mail!Good bye☆