Saturday, January 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sake, snowballs and sushi...Does it get any better than this?

Thanks to all my friends at ☆Ena Nishi Junior High☆for remembering my birthday! 

Leaving a never-ending echo of 'Happy Birthday!' in my wake as I left Ena Nishi, I returned home to find a a little Japanese delivery man hidden behind a bouquet of beautiful flowers, (sent by the one, the only, Mitsu!) waiting at my door. ☆I was so suprised!☆ (But not as suprised as the delivery man was to see a foreigner!) Sending flowers is definately NOT a Japanese custom! Mitsu is awesome! You made my day 笑 ! Thank you!

Did I mention Mitsu being awesome? Posted by Hello

But the celebrations officially began Friday night, when my friend Chiho took me out for a little pre-game sushi! I say pre-game because afterwards I was headed for to an izakaya (japanese pub) to celebrate with some friends, sake-style!

A few amigos and I at an Izakaya, or Japanese pub. Posted by Hello

Misaki and Colin Sensei: Partners in crime. Posted by Hello
Celebrating a person's birthday is a western custom only now starting to gain popularity in Japan. Traditionally everyone's birthday was celebrated on New Year's Day, despite their actual date of birth. I know alot of people went out of there way to make my day! Thanks to you, my first birthday in Japan was one of the best ever! 

David and Colin, the dreamiest ALTs in Gifu. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

you can act like an arse without sake! At first, they are beautiful, but in time, like in life, they wilt and die..... Bye, Love You.

RENE said...

I love all your pics. You look really cute. I hope you are having fun in Gifu. Take care. Your friend, Rene

Lindizzy said...

Hey Girl! So glad you had an awesome b-day. Yay for flowers!! I've updated my blog, too so check it out. Some good, some bad... I hope we get to hang out next weekend! I'm gonna try to get off on Saturday...